Soiled Dove is Done!

My goal had been to have Soiled Dove, the next (and probably last) in my Calico Brides series, out for release on the 17th. But then several of my writer friends reminded me that it was the silly season–AKA Christmas–and as such, things can get bogged down at the various stores, and so it might not get out as planned. Ugh. What’s a writerly girl to do? Well, first of all, she finishes the darn book, gets the edits done and then, and only then, can she freak out over the release date. 

So I got it all finished a couple of days ago, spent yesterday doing one final read through before sending it off for formatting. Once formatted, it was to be sent out to the stores. What I didn’t expect, was that it all happened so quickly overnight, and I woke to live listings this morning! I’ll try to keep the book page store links up to date as soon as I see live stuff, but in the meantime, the best place to check for your favorite store is

So now what’s on my to do pile? Well, I’ve got Highlander Barbarian to finish, as well as a paranormal mystery series. Oh, and there’s a fun urban fantasy I’m working on with vampires and vampire hunters and stuff. That one is totally a comedy, with some adventure thrown in, because… well… vampires. 

But I think I’m going to take a few days off first.  If you’ve got ideas for me though, I’m happy to listen. Find me on Twitter (my almost second home) or Facebook. I’m happy to yack back at you!


Even A Soiled Dove Can Clean Up

Wow, when books talk to you, they really talk to you! At least mine do. I’d been busy working on Highland Barbarian, almost to the half way point when Ginnie started talking to me. You remember Ginnie? She’s one of Lil’s saloon girls from Under a Calico Moon. Well, the lusty brunette has been whispering in my ear for days now, wanting… no demanding that her story be told. Despite what people think, she isn’t a whore, and doesn’t want to be remembered that way just because she happens to like men. Besides, they are more of a ‘means to an end’ for her anyway. She’s been so insistent that I’ve written about 15 thousand words in less than a week. I’m two third’s of the way through this story, and if the pace keeps up, we just may see the first draft before the end of the month. I’m not holding my breath, because the day job often interferes with my writing plans, but it IS definitely possible.

This is Ginnie’s story. She wants everyone to know that even a soiled dove can clean up with the help of one stubborn cowboy.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

New Calico Book Coming Soon

Okay, not really soon, but sooner than I thought. I’m already at about 15k into a 50k word novel, and it’s moving along really well.

This one is Ginnie’s story. You may remember Ginnie, she’s one of Lil’s girls. She’s got a lot of spirit, so I figured it was time to find her someone to love. Enter Joe Spencer. Totally smitten and determined to woo her away from the saloon. But can he do it? He’s up for the challenge of trying to sweet talk Ginnie away from her life as a saloon girl, and he’s got less than a week to do it. I’m betting on love, because face it, those Calico people are tough and feisty. They just need a partner to keep them on their toes! Soiled Dove should be ready in a couple of monthsFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Excerpt-Beyond The Moors

Unable to put a friend’s disappearance to rest, Jenna Morgan sets out to discover the truth. Instead of a simple hike through a familiar path on the outskirts of town, her journey takes her through unknown territory, opening up in a field in eleventh century Scotland. Forced to join a medieval hunting party, her destiny takes a sharp turn once they cross the moors into highland territory.

When an ill lowlander is brought to his keep, Laird Richard Mathieson takes one look at the lovely blonde and knows he’s found his future wife. Winning her heart is another matter as she staunchly refuses to accept that he is not her missing friend. But it’s the highland way to take a bride when gifted by the Almighty God, and she is truly a gift from the heavens.

With obstacles at every turn, including the determined laird and a savage warrior who wants to claim her for his own, survival in ancient times is a lot more difficult than Jenna ever imagined. After a fierce attack, she must decide whether to return to her own time or give up everything she holds dear to stay with the love she has found in the past.


“You can’t keep me here.” She sat up at the side of the bed, still clutching the furs to cover her nakedness. Her eyes darted around the chamber.

Richard’s gaze followed the line of her legs to where they disappeared beneath the bedclothes. He licked his lips as their eyes met. “Aye, I can. Ye’ll get back into that bed and rest until morning, or we’ll be embarking on another type of activity tonight.”

Her eyes widened, resembling a frightened doe. “N… no, you can’t.”

He chuckled. “I am laird of this keep. I can and I will make ye stay.” He waved a hand toward the chamber door. “If ye think ye can get to the door before I do, ye be welcome to try. I don’t mind a wee bit o’ sport, but there is no doubt who the winner will be. You are not going anywhere this night.”

She pushed a strand of blonde hair away from her face and eyed the door, then returned her gaze to Richard. “That’s kidnapping.”

“Aye, it is,” he said simply.

Beyond The Moors, just a few more days for the special pre-orders discount. For the bookseller of your choice, go to:


Last Book Rebranded

I’ve finished re-doing the last of the books that still held my old pen name.  For those who didn’t know, or have forgotten, when I first started writing 20+ years ago, I was the only Jennifer Lynn writing. After a few years, I put my writing career on pause while I opened and ran a successful small publishing company. Then I sold the company a year ago to return to writing, and to my surprise, there were MANY Jennifer Lynn’s out there.  And a couple of them write stuff that I don’t (hard core erotica), so I think readers were getting confused. It wasn’t likely the other J Lynn’s would change their pen names, and since I was just getting back in the game, it made sense to make a switch.

Anyway, (yes I can be long winded sometimes) I’ve finished switching all the older books over to the new pen name, and took the opportunity to refresh the cover art and titles as well.  This last one was fairly successful in its previous version, so I suspect it will do just as well with the new scrubbery.

So, for those of you who have already bought Signed, Sealed and Delivered, don’t pick this one up again! Same story on the inside, just totally refreshed on the outside. Okay, not totally. The cover is similar, but I still like it. It’s now working its way through the bookstores but if you can’t find it and want it, because let’s face it, it’s a great story, click on the cover to go to the book page and see all the updated links.  And remember, ducking out on a blind date has never been sexier!

Until next time!


Beyond The Moors-Preordering Live!

Go to book page

Preordering is now available for Beyond The Moors! This is a great time to get it, because it is available at a huge discount until release day, May 6. Swing on over to your favorite retailer and pick up this highland time travel for the sweet deal of only 99 cents! Click on the cover to go to the book page for all the retailer links, or just search at your fave store. The price will go up May 6, so grab it while you can.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Breathing a big sigh of relief!

Oh my goodness, I’m finally breathing again. If you’ve been following along on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been struggling so much with the last few chapters of my latest work-in-progress.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great story, and I’ve been wanting to write it for a couple of years now, but it’s been a challenge to get where I wanted the story to go. Especially so in the last couple of weeks. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I either lose the drive or get impatient to move on to the next book, and almost give up. Say it isn’t so, you say! Almost finished and give up?  Yeah, sounds crazy, but I’d done stupider things in my writing career.

Anyway, while I was plotting away at how to finish this one, which is a highland time travel, by the way, I toyed with all sorts of names for it. Once Upon A Highlander, Highland Dreams, Her Highland Rogue, and so on and so on. Even had a few drafts of cover art completed. Today, after I finally typed ‘the end’ of the first draft, I looked those over and hated them all. Yes, I really did. Every single cover design and book title felt like it had been done before. So I went out and found a new cover design that I just love! It’s not the typical half naked highlander on the cover, in fact, there isn’t a highlander in sight. And the title, well as I was looking at the art, the title just came to me. And I’m proud to share it with you today. I absolutely love it, and I’m even more in love with the title.

A modern woman, an ancient highlander and a love that spans time itself.

Jenna Morgan sorely misses the friend who disappeared a year ago. With no trace of what happened to him, she refuses to believe he is dead and is unable to put his disappearance to rest. Determined to figure out what happened, Jenna takes to the woods, following the same path where Aidan had been last seen only to disappear herself and wind up in eleventh century Scotland.

When an ill lowlander is brought to his keep, Laird Richard Mathieson takes one look at the lovely blonde and knows he’s found his future wife. Winning her heart is another matter as she staunchly refuses to accept that he is not her missing friend. But it’s the highland way to take a bride when gifted by the Almighty God, and she is truly a gift from the heavens.

With obstacles at every turn, including the determined laird and a savage warrior who wants to claim her for his own, survival in ancient times is a lot more difficult than Jenna ever imagined. After a fierce battle that leaves one man dead, she must decide whether to return to her own time or give up everything she holds dear to stay with the love she has found in the past.

I’ve got at least another round of editing to go, but for me that’s the easy part. Getting the first draft down is where the blood ‘n guts comes from so this should be ready in a few weeks, if all goes well.

More to follow, but it will likely come out first via  KindleUnlimited and then make its way through the other vendors after the initial 3 month period is up.

Til next time,


Release Day-Mail Order Widow


Release day is always so exciting! There’s nothing like the rush of sharing a new book with my readers. Mail Order Widow is set in the Calico world, and is another addition to my Calico Brides series. The great thing about the novellas is they don’t have to be read in any specific order. They’re just a yummy little bite of Calico goodness.

And speaking of Calico goodness. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to share that the story that started it all, New Prints in Old Calico, is now in Kindle Unlimted, so if you’ve got a subscription, you can head on over to Amazon and read for free! Yep, that’s right. Free.  Because it is in this program, it is exclusively at Amazon for the next 3 months and who knows, maybe I’ll leave it there, maybe I won’t. I’ll let you, my readers decide that.

I’m on track for having the third book in the series ready in a few months as well! While I don’t have a lot to tell you about it yet, I can tell you that it features Ginnie (she was introduced in Under a Calico Moon as one of Lil’s girls) and how she gets to find love of her own with a yummy cowboy who becomes enamored with the dark haired beauty. He doesn’t want a saloon gal though, and she doesn’t want to quit, so the lines of battle are drawn. It’s going to be a fun and sexy showdown, that’s for sure.

But, in the meantime, go ahead and enjoy Mail Order Widow, and if you haven’t read the other books in the series, what’s stopping you? Go. Now. Read New Prints in Old Calico for free, and you’ll be hooked on this little town and its people as much as I am.

Until next time,


Coming Soon-Mail Order Widow

Mail Order Widow is the next novella in my Calico Bride series. The nice thing about the novellas is that they don’t have to be read in any order, they’re just great little reads in between the main trilogy. And yes, I am slowly working on the next novel to finish the trilogy, but with so many other projects on the go, it’s a bit of a slow slog right now. 

Mail Order Bride is available for pre-ordering now, at most online sites. Check the book page out for links to purchase. I’ve been tweeting them whenever I come across a new live link, so if you’re not following me on Twitter, you should be, ’cause that’s the best place to get that info quickly.

Of course, if you’ve read any of my historicals, you know how I like to keep them as real as possible, with historical accuracy and relevant ‘stuff’ thrown in here and there. The one thing that was hugely popular in this era was the mail-order-bride phenomenon. It was a really great way for single men to find and marry single women and populate the new frontier. But that got me thinking. What would happen if one of these women made the trek, got married and then had the rug pulled out from under her by losing that new husband? How could that happen? Well, if your new husband was unexpectedly injured and killed, that would put a damper on everything. How would this new widow cope all alone in a new part of the world, with no knowledge of the people, place or territory?

Here’s the set up for the story:

Travelling across the country to marry a complete stranger is scary enough, but when a freak accident leaves Katie Cavanaugh widowed after only a few short weeks, her world shatters. She moved to Calico to make a new start, not to start over by herself. Forced to confront frontier life on her own, she faces challenges that make her question everything.

Travis Sutherland is the town veterinarian. After a rough first meeting, he has no intention of falling for the town’s new widow, but she’s got the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen and they draw him in like a magnet. Forced to spend time with her after one of her animals becomes sick, he finds himself attracted to Katie after all. Can he convince her to give him a chance?


New Year, New Stuff!

I ended 2017 on such a high that I’m excited to see what happens next! December held record breaking sales for me, with both my contemporaries and historicals doing really well. I’ve discovered I have loads of really great readers in Australia, which is pretty exciting.

Today I am pleased to share a completely updated book from eons ago. Harper’s Treasure, which is a fun  contemporary romantic adventure, has gotten old. Not the story, which is still just as fun as it was on its 2005 debut, but the artwork and title. I’ve had much fun crafting a new title, new cover and new tagline for this snappy little romp. See? 

An old nemesis, a treasure map and a card-carrying geek. What could go wrong?

It’s now available at most online stores, and is slowly populating through the others. There is a paperback coming to Amazon anytime (that means once they approve it) but it’s already available via the Lulu platform . It’s my favorite of the two paperback formats because it’s in true pocketbook size. Amazon doesn’t give that sizing option.

I’m also working really hard on finishing up the next novella in my Calico Brides series. Mail Order Widow is scheduled to be finished by the end of the month, so I can have it out for Valentine’s Day. Cover art is ready and I’m itching to post it, but I don’t want to do that until I’ve got my blurb and tagline ready to go. I’m still struggling a bit with that.

Eight days to finish. I’d better get writing!

Until next time,