Even A Soiled Dove Can Clean Up

Wow, when books talk to you, they really talk to you! At least mine do. I’d been busy working on Highland Barbarian, almost to the half way point when Ginnie started talking to me. You remember Ginnie? She’s one of Lil’s saloon girls from Under a Calico Moon. Well, the lusty brunette has been whispering in my ear for days now, wanting… no demanding that her story be told. Despite what people think, she isn’t a whore, and doesn’t want to be remembered that way just because she happens to like men. Besides, they are more of a ‘means to an end’ for her anyway. She’s been so insistent that I’ve written about 15 thousand words in less than a week. I’m two third’s of the way through this story, and if the pace keeps up, we just may see the first draft before the end of the month. I’m not holding my breath, because the day job often interferes with my writing plans, but it IS definitely possible.

This is Ginnie’s story. She wants everyone to know that even a soiled dove can clean up with the help of one stubborn cowboy.