Beauty And The Cowboy Beast

Book Cover: Beauty And The Cowboy Beast

Rosalie Sanders is almost 18 and dreams of having her own family someday. While ready to find a husband, there are no prospects in her hometown. She loves to read and by chance, comes upon an ad in the local paper from a rancher in Wyoming. She doesn’t mean to get caught up in the whole ‘mail order bride’ business, but she is intrigued enough to send him a letter. To her delight, he responds with one of his own, and the two strike up a friendship and then a relationship.

Daniel Ward is a rancher who was disfigured by a horrific fire when he was a child. He never dreams he’ll find someone who’ll accept him because of the way he looks, so when he begins corresponding with a young woman, he’s thrilled.

When the two finally decide to meet, both are met with fears for the future. He worries that she will discover how ugly he is, and turn away from him. The test for Rosalie though, will be if she can look past the scars and let her heart lead the way.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

A heavy weight settled on Rosalie’s chest.  She couldn’t breathe lying down in her bed, she couldn’t breathe sitting up in her chair. She had to get up. She paced across the bedroom floor for a while, but that didn’t work either. She needed air, her lungs screamed for it. She quietly slipped on her clothes, so as not to wake Carrie. She could think of a million questions, but right now she needed to be alone… First, she needed to breathe.

She snuck quietly through the house and out onto the porch. The night air was crisp and she had forgotten her wrap. She hardly noticed, however, as the cool clean night air hit her lungs. She sat on the porch swing and once she was able to breathe again she allowed herself to think about Daniel’s letter.


He was deformed. Her heart ached for the poor child trapped in an inferno. How frightening would that have been? How painful? Two years of treatments only to be left horribly scarred for life. His heart aching each time someone looked at him with fear or disgust. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She felt that same anxiety and she had to get up and walk. She headed toward the dirt path that wound around her father’s wheat field. She knew if either of her parents woke up and she was missing, they would be angry, but she couldn’t go back in now. She would never be able to sleep.

She walked for a mile or two, turning her face up to the moon. Was Daniel looking at it too? In his letters, he was kind-hearted, compassionate, and generous. Just the kind of person she wanted to spend her life with. Then she forced herself to think of the reality. Could she look at him and not cringe as others had done? She searched her own soul. Would she be able to love a man who was horribly deformed?

It seemed so shallow to even consider it, but she had spent her life dreaming of the perfect husband. He was always strong and handsome. When she thought of Daniel, she imagined him the same, giving her that unexpected tickle in the pit of her belly when she thought of being in his arms. Could she feel that way about someone who was scarred and “hideous” as Daniel himself had put it? Could she look upon him with anything other than pity or loathing? The truth was, she didn’t know.