Love Struck

Book Cover: Love Struck

It's love at first sight for Blaine Everett, and he'll let nothing stop him from marrying Beth. It's obvious she likes him, so why does she keep turning him down? Instead, he begins a relentless pursuit of her by promoting her to his executive assistant at Starling Productions and moving into an apartment close by.

Beth Romano has had enough bad relationships to last a lifetime, so when her handsome billionaire boss takes a liking to her, she'd rather run than get involved. Before she knows what's happening, Blaine moves into the apartment across the hall and he's telling everyone they are engaged.

With Beth fighting tooth and nail to remain coolly aloof, Blaine's only options are deceit and trickery. Aided by two matchmaking friends and a wily cat named Houdini, Blaine puts a plan in motion to woo the woman of his dreams, using every dirty trick in the book.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

Beth froze as her senses leapt to life and fixed her sight on the shrubs lining the driveway. This was ridiculous; she didn’t even like the man. But if that were so, why was her heart pounding so loudly in her ears that she was sure he could hear?

Blaine’s finger trailed along the line of her cheekbone and jaw then turned her face to his. He moved his lips over hers in a slow, sensuous kiss that was like nothing she had ever felt before. He tasted of bourbon and peppermint, and it was like a drug, lulling her to euphoria, until her mouth parted under the gentle pressure of his tongue.

Finally, he raised his lips and whispered, his breath hot against her ear. “We’d better go inside before I make love to you here and now.”


He got out of the car and opened her door, leaning in to offer his hand. Their eyes met briefly and Beth turned a vivid scarlet as she hesitantly accepted his assistance. He glanced toward the house and placed her hand in the crook of his arm.

“I wonder,” he began, a wicked leer crossing his sun-tanned features. “How long do you suppose they’d have watched before they left the window?”

Curiously, she looked past him, to the front door windows where Howard and Simone stood, seemingly inspecting the molding around the glass panes. She groaned miserably and silently wished her feet would turn to brick so she wouldn’t have to face her two matchmaking friends.

The door opened, with their hosts grinning ear to ear and Beth hoping the earth would open up and swallow her. She excused herself quickly, stating pressing needs.

“Psst!” Simone winked at Howard, then whispered loudly to Beth, “While you’re in there, fix your lipstick!”
Blaine turned his face away, hiding the upturned corners of his mouth and ran the tip of his finger along the curve of his lower lip to wipe the last traces of her lip gloss away. He returned his gaze to Howard. “Has our other guest arrived?”

With a nod, Simone hurriedly returned to the sitting room, with Howard close on her heels.

Blaine waited until the bathroom door opened. “Are you feeling better, my love?”

“Are they gone?”

“Yes, love. They went into the other room.”

“Then it’s a good time for a quick get-a-way.”

“Don’t be silly, there’s someone here I’d like you to meet.” He slipped his arm around her waist, pulling her along with him. As they rounded the corner, the other guest rose to shake hands with Blaine. Visions of Princess Leia being led into the dining room with Darth Vader in wait flashed through her mind as Blaine made the introductions.

“Darling, this is Reverend Paxton. He’ll be conducting the ceremony.”