Matters Of The Heart

Book Cover: Matters Of The Heart

After the untimely death of her sister, Marianna Brownlee travels to Wyoming to collect her young nephew, now orphaned and alone. But he isn't as alone as she thought, nor does he want to return to Chicago with her.

Jackson Steed is a rancher with big dreams. Caring for his best friend's child until the arrival of his aunt has been all consuming, but nothing pleases Jack more. He truly loves the boy and is heartsick that he must let him go.

As a snowstorm rips through Wyoming, his business trip to Laramie is delayed. Stranded in a tiny cabin during a raging blizzard, Marianna and Jake find an attraction that's difficult to ignore, yet impossible to pursue. But it's the time waiting for the next stagecoach to come through that makes both see that compromises are always possible and love can truly find a way.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

He looked away. “I’m sorry, Miss Brownlee. I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time, but I’m afraid I’ve behaved inappropriately.”

He gazed at her, his brown eyes wild with emotion. Yet, somehow, she understood the strange emotion completely, because it coursed through her own body as well. It was the strange, wonderful feeling Judith had once tried to explain to her. The emotion shared by people in love. Committed love.

But there was no commitment between them, and there could never be. That was why Jack had expressed regret over what he’d done.

She reached toward him and touched his cheek.


You’re a wonderful man, Mr. Steed. I’m glad for the time we’ve had together, but you’re right. We mustn’t indulge in this kind of behavior. It’s not for people like us, strangers who will never see each other again.” She glanced around at the beautiful terrain. “Perhaps we should return to the ranch house.”

He took her hand. “Not just yet, Miss Brownlee… Marianna.” He trailed his fingers through her hair and whispered her name again. “Marianna. Let me call you by your given name. Let’s have at least that much between us.”

Her heart beat wildly. “Jack, I wish we could have more than that.”

Could we, Marianna?” he asked eagerly. He cupped her cheek with his palm. “Are you saying—”

She quickly placed her fingers over his mouth. “I’m saying we both know we can have nothing more than a stolen moment. But Jack...” She dragged her eyes away. “Jack, I’m glad you kissed me.”