My Enemy, My Love

Book Cover: My Enemy, My Love

Melissa Simmons—Lissa to her friends—is a young woman with many talents. A former field engineer with the Canadian Armed Forces, demolitions is just one of her military skills. When her childhood friend Fernando asks for Lissa's help, she doesn’t think twice, but hops a plane to his tiny island country.

Alexander Demitrius is the reigning prince of a once influential Mediterranean island paradise. Warring rebels, headed by Fernando, have torn the prince's world apart. Alex is strong-willed, a powerful and charismatic leader with no intentions of allowing rebels to usurp his rule. He dreams of a unified island and being taken seriously by the world. When he meets what appears to be a guileless female tourist—the intrepid Melissa—his thoughts of warring are interrupted by dreams of her seduction. Alex is no stranger to the game of love, but meets his match in this evasive young woman.

When a serious illness almost takes her life, Prince Alexander must decide which is more important: love or war.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications
She didn’t know why she’d come tonight, it was much too dangerous now. Her shoulder hadn’t even finished healing. If Alex were to hold her a bit too tight, he’d probably hurt her and she’d be doing some creative thinking. He’d probably want to know what happened to her after the attack that day though, and so far, she hadn’t come up with a suitable lie.
She hoped he’d simply be happy to see her alive and well. All she knew was that every fiber of her being wanted, noneeded to be with Alex.
Wordlessly he came to stand before her. His eyes seemed to burn into her very soul, much like they had before. His fingers sent delicious shivers up and down her arms before pausing to rest lightly on the curve of her hips. Lissa’s eyelashes fluttered closed with his first gentle kiss.


“I missed you,” she breathed.
“You missed me so much you had to stay away?”
He spoke the words so gently that Melissa almost missed the sarcasm. “No, of course not. I wanted to come.” Her arms crept up his chest and around his neck. She kissed his throat. “I tried but I just couldn’t get here. But I’m here now.”
“Yes,” he murmured against her hair. “You are. And you’re under arrest, Lissa.”
Melissa’s eyes flew open and she attempted a step backward. Alex’s firm grip on her hips tightened. “That’s not very funny, Alex. ‘I’ve missed you, too’ would be a little more appropriate, don’t you think?”
“It would be if I had been worried about you, and didn’t know where you’ve been these last few days, but you see Lissa, I know exactly where you’ve been.”
“That again? You don’t know anything about me. Let me go… let me go!” With both palms, she pushed against his chest, sending Alex a step backward and breaking his hold on her. “You’re insane. I’m getting out of here.”
Two armed soldiers moved out of nowhere and into position behind her, effectively blocking her exit. Melissa whirled around to face Alex, panic mounting. “What do you think you’re doing? Alex, you’re making a big…”
Her words were silenced at the lethal calmness in Alex’s eyes, and for the first time, she felt fear. It prickled down her spine making her nerves tense. A cold knot congealed in the pit of her stomach.
He knew! She didn’t know how he knew, but he knew. When did he figure it out? Then it hit her with an intensity that knocked the wind out of her chest. He knew at the taverna, when he questioned her. At the lake when they had come so close to making love, he knew. She swallowed hard and bit back the tears, refusing to let Alex see her pain.
“Take her away.”