Wyoming Wild

Book Cover: Wyoming Wild
Abandoned with an infant child, Cora Lane struggles with managing a farm and ranch on her own. The last thing she wants or needs is to get tangled up with another man who will probably just leave when he tires of her. No, it's better to be alone.

Thomas Sanderson is a broken man. When his uncle invites him to Wyoming to heal, he jumps at the chance. Helping out a single mother on her ranch might be just the thing he needs to forget his tragic past. One look at Cora, though, and all he can think of is taking her in his arms and making her his own.

Cora doesn't believe she is worthy of love, Thomas can't stop wanting her. Things are about to get complicated.

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Publisher: Deslisle Publications
Throwing caution out the window, Thomas reached for her, framed her face with his hands and pulled her to him, eyes fixed on her lips. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her, and dammit, he was going to do just that. An urge beyond his control took over and the moment before their lips met, he let every reservation fall.
Her darkened gaze stayed on his, her mouth opening under his in a soft kiss that he felt all the way down to the pit of his belly.
Cora’s hands clutched at the fabric of his shirt, pulling him closer. The sensations tore through him. The feel of her soft body molded against his, every touch of her lips, the light suckling of his tongue was like tasting heaven. Thomas let out a groan, slid his hands behind her head, and thread his fingers into her hair.



She was soft in all the right places, the perfect counter to his harder frame. Time stood still as his lips and mouth devoured every bit of hers and she in return savored him. This, oh God yes, this is what a kiss should be like.