No More Writer’s Block

Oh man, did I ever have some writer’s burnout. I really think that was my problem, more than ‘block’. I mean, I could come up with all sorts of ideas, but I simply couldn’t get them out. I think that’s finally over. No, I know it’s finally over.

Write now (see what I did there?), I’ve actually got three things I’m seriously working on. One being the vampire story that I mentioned a while back. I really want to finish it because it’s a lot of fun, but it stalled on me for a while. Then there’s the other highlander story–tentatively called Highland Barbarian. At the moment though, neither of those are what is speaking to me the most.

I’ve been working on a new western romance! It’s a mail order bride kinda story, and I’m calling it Beauty and the Cowboy Beast. It’s all about a couple who find love by mail.

Rosalie is a young woman ready to leave her parents’ home and find a husband to build a life with. Daniel is a rancher who has been disfigured by a horrific fire and never dreams he’ll ever find someone who’ll accept him. By chance, they begin corresponding and it isn’t long before they decide it’s time to meet. The test for Rosalie though, will be if she can look passed the scars and let her heart lead the way.

I am so excited to have something new coming! The words are flowing, the storyline is all plotted and it’s almost writing itself. Shouldn’t be much longer.

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New Release

¬†A storm halts Marianna’s return to civilization, but there are worse things than being stranded in the wilds with a handsome rancher.

I love writing frontier romance, and Wyoming is becoming one of my favorite locales, besides Calico! It’s such a beautifully rugged area and the people had to be equally strong¬†to live there. Of course, I happen to love the series Longmire, which is set in Wyoming, so maybe that’s part of my fascination. Still, cowboys are the yummiest thing this side of… well they’re just dang yummy so I love writing about them.

Under A Calico Moon is in edits with my publisher right now, and expected to release in November, so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this novella of new love in the frontier.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail