Courting Carlie

One of the beautiful things about self publishing is the immediacy of making changes.  When something isn’t working, it can be changed relatively easily. Not so much with a traditional publisher. That doesn’t mean I don’t like my trad publisher, but this self pubbing thing is a whole other beast. Instead of a marketing department making decisions for me, I’ve got to do it myself, and sometimes, (oh horrors of horrors) I’m not always right.

I love the contemporary romance I recently wrote, with Carlie Barnes, a free-wheeling paranormal investigator, and Michael-Bloody-Denton, the uptight scientist who lives upstairs. I thought the title, Hide and Spook was cute, a little playful. I thought the first cover was good, but it didn’t seem to resonate with readers, so I changed the cover out to something a little more traditional.  I didn’t really like it as much, but I thought it was worth a try. Apparently my love for the story clouded my vision of what would work best for a title and artwork.

Readers are a savvy bunch. If they don’t like something they’ll tell you. Sometimes via email, sometimes to your face, and sometimes with their pocket books. I got the message loud and clear that my cutesy title and cover design was not what they were looking for. So, after a little angst (I am a writer, after all),I swapped them both out today for something more contemporary. And you know, I really, really like the new artwork. A lot. The title speaks to me way more than the previous one did, too.

It’s working its way through the vendor sites now, so all links should be available in the coming days, but so far, the Kobo link is the only one to go live first. They seem to be much quicker than some of the other folks. Might just be why I like ’em so much.