Last Book Rebranded

I’ve finished re-doing the last of the books that still held my old pen name.  For those who didn’t know, or have forgotten, when I first started writing 20+ years ago, I was the only Jennifer Lynn writing. After a few years, I put my writing career on pause while I opened and ran a successful small publishing company. Then I sold the company a year ago to return to writing, and to my surprise, there were MANY Jennifer Lynn’s out there.  And a couple of them write stuff that I don’t (hard core erotica), so I think readers were getting confused. It wasn’t likely the other J Lynn’s would change their pen names, and since I was just getting back in the game, it made sense to make a switch.

Anyway, (yes I can be long winded sometimes) I’ve finished switching all the older books over to the new pen name, and took the opportunity to refresh the cover art and titles as well.  This last one was fairly successful in its previous version, so I suspect it will do just as well with the new scrubbery.

So, for those of you who have already bought Signed, Sealed and Delivered, don’t pick this one up again! Same story on the inside, just totally refreshed on the outside. Okay, not totally. The cover is similar, but I still like it. It’s now working its way through the bookstores but if you can’t find it and want it, because let’s face it, it’s a great story, click on the cover to go to the book page and see all the updated links.  And remember, ducking out on a blind date has never been sexier!

Until next time!