Love Struck

Book Cover: Love Struck

It's love at first sight for Blaine Everett, and he'll let nothing stop him from marrying Beth. It's obvious she likes him, so why does she keep turning him down? Instead, he begins a relentless pursuit of her by promoting her to his executive assistant at Starling Productions and moving into an apartment close by.

Beth Romano has had enough bad relationships to last a lifetime, so when her handsome billionaire boss takes a liking to her, she'd rather run than get involved. Before she knows what's happening, Blaine moves into the apartment across the hall and he's telling everyone they are engaged.

With Beth fighting tooth and nail to remain coolly aloof, Blaine's only options are deceit and trickery. Aided by two matchmaking friends and a wily cat named Houdini, Blaine puts a plan in motion to woo the woman of his dreams, using every dirty trick in the book.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

Beth froze as her senses leapt to life and fixed her sight on the shrubs lining the driveway. This was ridiculous; she didn’t even like the man. But if that were so, why was her heart pounding so loudly in her ears that she was sure he could hear?

Blaine’s finger trailed along the line of her cheekbone and jaw then turned her face to his. He moved his lips over hers in a slow, sensuous kiss that was like nothing she had ever felt before. He tasted of bourbon and peppermint, and it was like a drug, lulling her to euphoria, until her mouth parted under the gentle pressure of his tongue.

Finally, he raised his lips and whispered, his breath hot against her ear. “We’d better go inside before I make love to you here and now.”


He got out of the car and opened her door, leaning in to offer his hand. Their eyes met briefly and Beth turned a vivid scarlet as she hesitantly accepted his assistance. He glanced toward the house and placed her hand in the crook of his arm.

“I wonder,” he began, a wicked leer crossing his sun-tanned features. “How long do you suppose they’d have watched before they left the window?”

Curiously, she looked past him, to the front door windows where Howard and Simone stood, seemingly inspecting the molding around the glass panes. She groaned miserably and silently wished her feet would turn to brick so she wouldn’t have to face her two matchmaking friends.

The door opened, with their hosts grinning ear to ear and Beth hoping the earth would open up and swallow her. She excused herself quickly, stating pressing needs.

“Psst!” Simone winked at Howard, then whispered loudly to Beth, “While you’re in there, fix your lipstick!”
Blaine turned his face away, hiding the upturned corners of his mouth and ran the tip of his finger along the curve of his lower lip to wipe the last traces of her lip gloss away. He returned his gaze to Howard. “Has our other guest arrived?”

With a nod, Simone hurriedly returned to the sitting room, with Howard close on her heels.

Blaine waited until the bathroom door opened. “Are you feeling better, my love?”

“Are they gone?”

“Yes, love. They went into the other room.”

“Then it’s a good time for a quick get-a-way.”

“Don’t be silly, there’s someone here I’d like you to meet.” He slipped his arm around her waist, pulling her along with him. As they rounded the corner, the other guest rose to shake hands with Blaine. Visions of Princess Leia being led into the dining room with Darth Vader in wait flashed through her mind as Blaine made the introductions.

“Darling, this is Reverend Paxton. He’ll be conducting the ceremony.”


Melting Miss McCool

Book Cover: Melting Miss McCool

Nicknamed ‘McCool’ by her colleagues, Kerry-Lee McKenzie has had her fill of men and bad relationships until she runs across Benjamin Grant, the one man who crawls firmly under her skin and refuses to let go. Ben is determined to find the woman smoldering under the cool, calm exterior and isn’t above using a little unfair carnal persuasion.
Toss in one hormonally charged roommate, add a sexier-than-all-get-out soap opera star and watch the heat rise as McCool begins a melt down!


“Kerry?” she queried softly. “It’s three a.m. What are you still doing up?”

“I kissed him.” Kerry stared at her roommate with that deer-in-the-headlight look. “He was spouting off some crap about me being an ice queen so I kissed him.”

“O…kay,” she said tentatively. Switching on a table lamp, Susan eyed the red head, sitting cross-legged in the corner of the sofa, a pillow clutched to her chest. She sat down beside her friend and took Kerry’s icy fingers between hers, massaging them gently until the warmth returned. “Start from the beginning, and don’t miss one single smutty detail.”

She withdrew her fingers and cradled her head in her hands. “I can’t believe I did that. How am I going to face him at work now?”

“Wait one second,” Sue’s eyebrows drew together in a frown. “You kissed someone from work tonight?”

Kerry nodded woodenly.


Another nod.

“Who dammit?”


Her eyes darted nervously to her friend. “Dr. Webster.”

“Dr. Webster was here? And you kissed him?”

“Uh huh. I kissed him.”

“Holy cow!”

Kerry nodded again and clutched her pillow tighter. “He called me a lesbian and an ice queen. I had to defend myself.”

“So how did this defensive manoeuvre come about? And what was Dr. Webster even doing here in the first place?”

Kerry stood and threw the pillow into the corner of the sofa. With a backward glance, she headed toward the kitchen. “It started out quite innocently. I was in the tub and…”

“He was in the tub with you?”

“No,” Kerry hissed before turning a brilliant shade of red. “Well, sort of.”

She busied herself with her mug and teabag and stared patiently at the kettle. Anything to avoid the knowing look in Susan’s eyes.

When the kettle finally whistled, she fixed a cup of tea and looked sideways. “What?” she demanded.

“He was sort of in the tub with you?” Sue grinned. “Do tell. And don’t forget the details please.”

Kerry sighed. “There are no details. Geez, Susan, not everyone lets their hormones be their guide, y’know.”

“This coming from the woman who is appalled that she laid a big wet one on a doctor she hates?”

“That was self defence,” Kerry pointed out. “The bathtub thing was a whole other story. He wasn’t really here then, Sue. I sorta dreamed about him.”

“Oh this is getting good.” Susan crossed to the living room and hiked up her short skirt to sit cross-legged on the sofa. She patted the sofa beside her and when Kerry joined her, waited expectantly for the rest of the story. “Tell Nurse Susan all about your lustful dreams.”

“It was nothing. At least it was supposed to be nothing. Just my imagination running a little wild.” She sighed. “I don’t know how he came to be in it, but I was dreaming about an episode of Southern Charm. And there he was, the handsome doctor, and there I was, the seduced nurse.”

“Mm hm. Go on.”

“I dozed off and then I woke up to the doorbell ringing. Dr. Studly was on the other side, wanting to explain away his lack of intestinal fortitude.”

“And naturally, his apology came with a lip-lock?”

“No, the lip-lock came after he accused me of being a lesbian.”

Susan snickered and held up a hand. “Okay stop. Why did he accuse you of being a lesbian?”

“He said it was common knowledge that I didn’t date and that the inference of course was that I was a lesbo. That was when I lost it and grabbed him. Next thing I knew, my tongue was in his mouth.”

“You sure showed him.” There was a trace of laughter in Susan’s voice.

A faint sparkle made its way into Kerry’s eyes. “Apparently I did. He looked quite surprised when I closed the door in his face.”

“You didn’t?”

“Yup, I did.”

“That’s my girl.” Susan nodded with a smile. “Always leave ‘em wanting more.”


One Man’s Treasure

Book Cover: One Man's Treasure

Buried treasure lies where ‘X’ marks the spot, and Jolene plans to find it. With the help of one annoying computer geek, she is able to outwit and outmaneuver her former lover through one adventure after another.  Little does she know that the geek has romance on his mind, when he finds himself attracted to the feisty brunette.

With tropical storms, pirates and an old nemesis hot on their trail, Jacksonproves little by little that he is anything but a nerd, and helps Jo find the greatest treasure of all.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

Jo glanced through the windows of the bridge to where Harper stood with his foot braced on the rail of the bow, his face turned into the salt spray. He looked at home, like he belonged on the deck of a ship. Almost as if he felt her gaze, he turned around for a moment with a soft smile that touched her through the tinted glass window. Her abdominal muscles twitched and warmth flooded her thighs.

They hadn’t been gone an hour and already Jack’s face was reddened to a rosy hue from the salty sea breeze. His thick, tawny-gold hair was ruffled by the light wind and the skintight jeans he wore molded to him in all the right places. He looked good for a geek. Damn good.


She gave her head a shake. Jeezus where did that come from? Her hormones must still be out of whack from her near encounter with Hunter this morning. He always had a way of putting her off balance. She chewed the inside of her lip and eyed Jack’s firm derriere. Yes that had to be it. She hadn’t slept with anyone since Hunter and that was before the break up. That had to be the reason why she was looking at the geek. There was no way in hell she could be even remotely interested in that nice looking backside, nor wonder what those muscles might feel like beneath her fingers. Her eyes slid reluctantly to the chart she was reviewing. She unclenched her thighs. Nope, geek butt did nothing for her.


Getting Over It

Book Cover: Getting Over It

Dumped by her long time lover while on a romantic getaway to Paris, Abby Fulton figures she’s had about enough heartache in her life. When a sexy seatmate on her long flight home takes an interest and offers some carnal diversions, a few naughty moments might be just what she needs to bolster the ole ego.

Prince Willem of Ragnovia loves being a playboy and when opportunity knocks for a little mile-high fun, he jumps at the chance. When fate turns in his favor and delivers the airline cutie right into his arms, a seductive game of cat and mouse is on.

Can Abby resist the charms of the handsome prince, or will she end up as another notch on his royal belt?

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

A noise in the hallway outside her apartment door caught her attention and she turned up the television’s volume in response. Some fool was caterwauling out there and she wasn’t in the mood to put up with it tonight. Normally her neighbors were quiet folk, and Abby rarely heard them. Someone certainly had a bee in their bonnet this evening.

A door opened and slammed. The voice in the hallway grew louder. Another door slammed. She lowered the volume and cocked her head to one side while she listened to the noise. Lord, but someone was singing out there! Badly.

The tune was becoming familiar but it was the same phrase over and over that got her attention. ‘You are so beautiful to me’. Hell, even Joe Cocker’s voice cracked on that one, and he was a professional singer. What made this idiot think he could do better?


Curiosity got the better of her, and Abby stood and crossed to the door. She peered through the peephole and then jumped back in surprise. The caterwauler wasn’t some unknown person serenading one of her neighbors. It was Will. And he was grunting out that song in front of her apartment.

“Will,” she hissed through the door. “Quit making a fool out of yourself and go away.”

The singing stopped long enough for the lovelorn prince to respond in his native tongue. “Can’t. My heart bids me to express myself in song.”

He continued singing, slightly off-key. Can’t you see-eeeee? You’re everything I hoped for…”

“Go away before someone calls the cops and you get arrested!” she demanded.

“I have diplomatic immunity. Everything I neeeeeeed.”

Abby dared another glance through the peephole. He was right up against her door now, serenading in all his talentless glory. “You are so beautiful to meeeeee.”

“Go away!”

“Listen to her,” Abby’s neighbor from across the hall shouted. “Do us a favor and quit singing. You’re hurting our ears!”

“Shut up!” another neighbor hollered.

“I’m not listening, Will.” Abby walked away from the door with her hands over both ears. “Sing all you want, but I can’t hear you anymore.”

You are so beautiful to me.”

Abby couldn’t stand it. She curled into the corner of her sofa and grabbed up two throw cushions and held them tight to either side of her head. They muffled the sound, but Will’s voice only seemed to get louder.
More doors opened and slammed in their disapproval, but Will didn’t stop. He raised his voice another decibel and kept right on singing. And then the neighborhood dogs joined in, in some sort of muttly harmony that only they understood. It was cruel torture to any music lover’s eardrums.

“Stop, stop!” Abby wailed. She turned up the volume on her television and pressed the pillows tighter against her ears. Anything to drown out the God-awful sound coming from the corridor.

Not surprising, it wasn’t long before a patrol car was dispatched to Abby’s apartment building and she heard the wail of the sirens. Within minutes, an officer was banging on her front door. She turned off the TV and gingerly lowered the makeshift ear muffs. Nothing. No singing, no dogs howling. Just a nightstick whacking at her door and an exasperated cop demanding her to open the door.

“Yes officer?” Abby opened the door a crack and eyed the policeman and his partner. Will was quietly visible in the background.

“You know this man?” The officer glanced at Will’s ID. “His Imperial Highness, Willem, the Prince Regent of Ragnovia?” He turned to his partner. “That’s quite a handle.”

Abby sighed. Any minute now, that sexy smile of triumph was going to cross Will’s face. “Yes,” she heaved a sigh. “I was his State Department translator.”

“Well, translate this,” the cop looked between Abby and Will. “You two will resolve this issue quietly. Don’t make us return for another noise complaint again tonight. Or you’ll both be locked up for violating the noise ordinance.”

Will just smiled and indicated his diplomatic passport.

“Tell him that if you don’t settle it, I’ll lose that passport until the judge appears in the morning.” With that, the policeman tipped his hat, motioned for his partner to join him, and headed toward the elevators. Another stern glance before they left the floor was enough to indicate that Washington’s Finest weren’t in a joking mood.

Will clasped his hands loosely behind his back, looked down at his feet and took a step toward Abby’s door. When he raised his head, his blue eyes were twinkling in that way that Abby knew they would. Triumph. “Now,” he said. “Shall we go inside and talk, or shall I start singing again?”


My Enemy, My Love

Book Cover: My Enemy, My Love

Melissa Simmons—Lissa to her friends—is a young woman with many talents. A former field engineer with the Canadian Armed Forces, demolitions is just one of her military skills. When her childhood friend Fernando asks for Lissa's help, she doesn’t think twice, but hops a plane to his tiny island country.

Alexander Demitrius is the reigning prince of a once influential Mediterranean island paradise. Warring rebels, headed by Fernando, have torn the prince's world apart. Alex is strong-willed, a powerful and charismatic leader with no intentions of allowing rebels to usurp his rule. He dreams of a unified island and being taken seriously by the world. When he meets what appears to be a guileless female tourist—the intrepid Melissa—his thoughts of warring are interrupted by dreams of her seduction. Alex is no stranger to the game of love, but meets his match in this evasive young woman.

When a serious illness almost takes her life, Prince Alexander must decide which is more important: love or war.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications
She didn’t know why she’d come tonight, it was much too dangerous now. Her shoulder hadn’t even finished healing. If Alex were to hold her a bit too tight, he’d probably hurt her and she’d be doing some creative thinking. He’d probably want to know what happened to her after the attack that day though, and so far, she hadn’t come up with a suitable lie.
She hoped he’d simply be happy to see her alive and well. All she knew was that every fiber of her being wanted, noneeded to be with Alex.
Wordlessly he came to stand before her. His eyes seemed to burn into her very soul, much like they had before. His fingers sent delicious shivers up and down her arms before pausing to rest lightly on the curve of her hips. Lissa’s eyelashes fluttered closed with his first gentle kiss.


“I missed you,” she breathed.
“You missed me so much you had to stay away?”
He spoke the words so gently that Melissa almost missed the sarcasm. “No, of course not. I wanted to come.” Her arms crept up his chest and around his neck. She kissed his throat. “I tried but I just couldn’t get here. But I’m here now.”
“Yes,” he murmured against her hair. “You are. And you’re under arrest, Lissa.”
Melissa’s eyes flew open and she attempted a step backward. Alex’s firm grip on her hips tightened. “That’s not very funny, Alex. ‘I’ve missed you, too’ would be a little more appropriate, don’t you think?”
“It would be if I had been worried about you, and didn’t know where you’ve been these last few days, but you see Lissa, I know exactly where you’ve been.”
“That again? You don’t know anything about me. Let me go… let me go!” With both palms, she pushed against his chest, sending Alex a step backward and breaking his hold on her. “You’re insane. I’m getting out of here.”
Two armed soldiers moved out of nowhere and into position behind her, effectively blocking her exit. Melissa whirled around to face Alex, panic mounting. “What do you think you’re doing? Alex, you’re making a big…”
Her words were silenced at the lethal calmness in Alex’s eyes, and for the first time, she felt fear. It prickled down her spine making her nerves tense. A cold knot congealed in the pit of her stomach.
He knew! She didn’t know how he knew, but he knew. When did he figure it out? Then it hit her with an intensity that knocked the wind out of her chest. He knew at the taverna, when he questioned her. At the lake when they had come so close to making love, he knew. She swallowed hard and bit back the tears, refusing to let Alex see her pain.
“Take her away.”

Courting Carlie

Book Cover: Courting Carlie

Paranormal investigator Carlie Barnes is no stranger to ghosts and spirits. She finds it’s the living that cause the most trouble. Like the guy in the condo upstairs, who’d rather walk on glass than admit she might be right. She’d like to cross him off her list as just another uptight yuppie, but she can’t. He’s hired her to investigate an old federal bunker. Try as she might, she simply can’t ignore his sexy blue eyes that threaten to send her libido into a tailspin and her panties into a bunch. 

Michael Denton is a scientist. He believes in what he can see, touch, and feel. And he doesn’t want to feel anything about Carlie Barnes. As far as he’s concerned, she’s a con artist who preys on people's fears and bilks them out of their hard earned money to satisfy those fears. So why does she makes his pulse race and his palms sweat by just being in the same room? 

Science dictates that opposites attract, and when they do, fighting the inevitable is just as difficult as believing in ghosts and hotter than a beaker above a Bunsen burner.

Publisher: Deslisle Publications

It was early, she was in her underwear and Michael-Bloody-Denton stood there, coffee mug in hand, and his mouth hanging open.

“What do you want that is so all-fired important that you had to wake me up at—” She squinted at the clock on her tv stand. “—seven o’clock in the damn morning?”

Michael’s eyes traveled down to her bare feet and up again, pausing on the hem of her night shirt. He blinked, closed his mouth, and pushed past her, adjusting his glasses at the same time.

“Yes, please. Come on in.” Carlie waved her arm toward her kitchen. “Don’t let the fact that you’ve woken me and I am still in my pajamas deter you.”

“We had another incident at the bunker.” He dropped his brief case on her kitchen table and turned to face her. “You call what you’re wearing pajamas?”


“Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s comfortable.” She followed him into her kitchen as she scratched the back of her head. Reaching into the cupboard closest to the coffee maker, she took out a bundle of coffee filters. “What kind of incident?”

Keeping her back to the annoying scientist, she fumbled with the filters, tearing the first two in her haste to separate them and get the precious coffee brewing. She dropped the bundle on the counter, clenched her jaw tightly to prevent an unladylike curse from sneaking through her lips and fisted her hands at her sides. Her head tipped backward as she groaned loudly before picking up the batch of filters yet again.

Michael sighed and took the filters from her after her third futile attempt at separating one from the pack. As he talked, he put the filter into the coffee maker, added coffee, filled the reservoir with water, and pushed the button to start. “Last night. A bunch of kids got around the security guard and went inside.”

“Great security.”

“Yes, well that’s a whole other issue.” He turned and paused, eyeing her disheveled appearance. He twirled a finger in the air in the direction of her head. “You might want to run a brush through that mess. Anyway, everything was quiet, the guard had no idea they were even there until the kids came charging out of there, screaming blue murder about an invisible man. Or something to that effect. They are at the Institute, waiting to be interviewed.”

“Let me throw on some pants. And maybe a bra.” She turned away but then paused to call over her shoulder, “And maybe I’ll even run a brush through this mess.”

Thankfully, she entered her bedroom, although Michael would have been happier if she’d closed her door tightly. He could hear her rummaging around in her room, opening bureau drawers and pulling out unmentionables. He took a deep breath. The mere thought of her in nothing but a t-shirt was enough to send his libido into overdrive.

He leaned forward, resting both fists on the kitchen table. A couple of deep breaths while he wiped the idea of Carlie’s naked breasts out of his mind and he was almost ready to discuss things rationally. He eyed the freshly brewed coffee and pulled out a mug, filling it with the steaming brew, then topped up his own mug. Glancing at the bedroom door, he decided that she probably was a cream and sugar chick, so he fixed Carlie’s mug, and kept his own coffee black.

Michael’s eyes were drawn to the bedroom door as Carlie emerged, wearing jeans, and a fresh t-shirt. Her hair, which had been an unruly mess of curls just minutes ago, was pulled back into a smooth red pony tail. She crossed the room quickly, zeroing in on the coffee mug on the table.

“Oh, God, this is wonderful,” she said after a quick sip.

“I... uh... wasn’t sure what you took in it, so I made an educated guess.”

“You educated right.” She took another sip and closed her eyes. “This is perfect. So, what else can you tell me about the events of last evening?”

“That’s about it. Kids broke in, freaked out, and ran screaming from the joint.” Michael shrugged. “Took three security guards to round them all up and transport them to the Institute. Had to promise we wouldn’t press charges and the whole bit, although they are just kids, hard to charge ‘em with anything except trespassing. Too much paperwork involved with that.”

“So, they are all waiting for me. In separate rooms, I hope?” She took one last gulp of her coffee, and dumped the dregs down the sink, then turned to do the same of Michael’s mug. “The last thing we want is them to be getting their statements all in sync. I need their unbiased, unrehearsed account of what they think they saw.”

“I’m not entirely stupid, Miss Barnes. I do know how to conduct an interrogation.”

“Yeah, well you’re not conducting this interview, Dr. Denton. I don’t need you there, sneering in all your glorious disbelief. Now, shall we go? Or are you enjoying my company so much that you’d like to drag this out a bit more?”

He felt a vein pulse in his temple and reached up to rub it. She was going to give him an aneurysm. “After you.”

“Oh, I see.” She grinned and strode towards the door with an exaggerated swing of her hips. “You just want to watch my butt.”

His left eye twitched. Yep, that aneurysm was growing by the second.