New Year, New Stuff!

I ended 2017 on such a high that I’m excited to see what happens next! December held record breaking sales for me, with both my contemporaries and historicals doing really well. I’ve discovered I have loads of really great readers in Australia, which is pretty exciting.

Today I am pleased to share a completely updated book from eons ago. Harper’s Treasure, which is a fun  contemporary romantic adventure, has gotten old. Not the story, which is still just as fun as it was on its 2005 debut, but the artwork and title. I’ve had much fun crafting a new title, new cover and new tagline for this snappy little romp. See? 

An old nemesis, a treasure map and a card-carrying geek. What could go wrong?

It’s now available at most online stores, and is slowly populating through the others. There is a paperback coming to Amazon anytime (that means once they approve it) but it’s already available via the Lulu platform . It’s my favorite of the two paperback formats because it’s in true pocketbook size. Amazon doesn’t give that sizing option.

I’m also working really hard on finishing up the next novella in my Calico Brides series. Mail Order Widow is scheduled to be finished by the end of the month, so I can have it out for Valentine’s Day. Cover art is ready and I’m itching to post it, but I don’t want to do that until I’ve got my blurb and tagline ready to go. I’m still struggling a bit with that.

Eight days to finish. I’d better get writing!

Until next time,