Soiled Dove is Done!

My goal had been to have Soiled Dove, the next (and probably last) in my Calico Brides series, out for release on the 17th. But then several of my writer friends reminded me that it was the silly season–AKA Christmas–and as such, things can get bogged down at the various stores, and so it might not get out as planned. Ugh. What’s a writerly girl to do? Well, first of all, she finishes the darn book, gets the edits done and then, and only then, can she freak out over the release date. 

So I got it all finished a couple of days ago, spent yesterday doing one final read through before sending it off for formatting. Once formatted, it was to be sent out to the stores. What I didn’t expect, was that it all happened so quickly overnight, and I woke to live listings this morning! I’ll try to keep the book page store links up to date as soon as I see live stuff, but in the meantime, the best place to check for your favorite store is

So now what’s on my to do pile? Well, I’ve got Highlander Barbarian to finish, as well as a paranormal mystery series. Oh, and there’s a fun urban fantasy I’m working on with vampires and vampire hunters and stuff. That one is totally a comedy, with some adventure thrown in, because… well… vampires. 

But I think I’m going to take a few days off first.  If you’ve got ideas for me though, I’m happy to listen. Find me on Twitter (my almost second home) or Facebook. I’m happy to yack back at you!