Slightly Staked

So I’ve had this little humorous fantasy floating around in my head for ages, but in all honesty, never really got serious about writing it. My husband kept telling me to just do it, instead of telling him about it. So… I did! This is not a romance in any shape or form, but is a fun little novella that I’m proud to announce will be out in about a week. This might become the beginning of a little series of fun stories, and you’ll note I’m writing it under a separate pen name to keep it apart from my romances. Set in my own home town, here is the set up:

Welcome to Climax, where the people are friendly, the location is rustic, and things can get a little quirky.

Lina Harker has discovered her grandmother’s secret. She used to be a vampire. Now, Lina’s greatest fear is that a remnant of that vampire DNA is lurking in her cells, waiting to reactivate. Yes, Dracula’s lineage had been destroyed, but the ‘what if’s are too much to imagine.

Doggedly following the trail of two families that escaped the Van Helsing purge, she discovers that ‘X’ leads to Climax, Canada. She has her stakes, garlic and holy water ready, but when she arrives, nothing is as she expects.

Are vampires really living in Climax or has she completely lost her mind? She’d better figure it out before she sprouts a pair of fangs and a taste for O Positive. And before she stakes another innocent shop keeper.

Whatcha think? Let me know!